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Code of Ethics:

Sec 1. The Code of Ethics is an expression of principles and regulations for the guidance and conduct of all members of IACH. It concerns the attitude, behavior and practices with particular emphasis concerning professional members.

      The principles of the Code of Ethics are:
      The conduct of the members of IACH shall conform to the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
      The primary objective of the Hypnotherapist's efforts shall be, "The greatest good for the client."
      Each member of IACH shall consider and comport him/herself with honor and dignity as a worthy, upright member of a valid, respectable ethical profession.
Sec 2. Each person who becomes a member of IACH agrees to and is responsible to:
      Conduct his or her professional behavior according to the highest professional and moral standards; to oppose discriminatory practices and to provide equal treatment for all members and clients; to furnish services in accordance with the highest standards applicable to professional persons in other fields of endeavor.
      Respect the confidence and desires of the client and to refrain from or oppose engaging in practices of questionable propriety.
      Maintain and improve his or her skill and knowledge in the art and science of clinical hypnotherapy as a legitimate, valid area of human endeavor, research, and application.
Sec 3. The Individual Hypnotherapist:
      Shall refrain from misleading or outlandish claims for hypnotherapy, in personal or media advertising.
      Shall represent or advertise him/herself only as that in which he or she holds a designation, license or degree.
      Shall, at no time, by word of mouth or advertisement infer that his or her method of hypnotherapy is superior to that of another.
      With the exception of cooperative efforts, shall be considered unprofessional and unethical if he or she agrees to split fees or to give or receive a commission in the referral of clients for hypnotherapeutic treatments or services.
Sec 4. The Board of Directors, after holding an ethics hearing, may reprimand, suspend, or expel a member for a violation of this Code of Ethics or Bylaws, or for an act which unfavorably affects the hypnotherapy profession, or the reputation or interests of IACH and/or its members.

Sec 5. Ethics hearings for the chapter officers and executive Board members shall be held by the Executive Board of Directors. Ethics hearings for all other members shall be held by that member's chapter board.

Sec 6. The procedures for filing and handling, alleged violations in matters of ethics or bylaws shall be in accordance with the current version of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Sec 7. All IACH records, files, documents, correspondence, materials and/or property must be returned to the association within five (5) days by any officer who is impeached.