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Hypnosis Is:
A state of mind, whereby the conscious mind becomes less critical, allowing the subconscious mind to accept suggestions more readily. While in hypnosis a person's senses are "heightened" as is their level of awareness. They experience a quieting of the mind, which enables them to accept positive suggestions.
Every person goes through the state of "hypnosis" naturally several times a day. Right before falling asleep at night and awakening in the morning, that physically drowsy feeling, where the mind is still aware of the environment. Children are in hypnosis while they are "mesmerized" in front of the television. Hypnosis is completely natural.

The very word hypnosis causes confusion. It was coined in the eighteen hundreds from "Hypnos" the Greek God of sleep. Unfortunately, by the time it was realized that there was no connection between hypnosis and sleep, it was too late. Various euphemisms have been used to describe the state of mind called hypnosis: creative or guided imagery, autogenic training, suggestive therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis:

Is it true that a person has to be weak willed, lack intelligence or be unbalanced to be hypnotized?
  • The more intelligent and well-balanced a person, the better subject they make.
Can a Hypnotist use hypnosis as a form of mind control or brain washing?
  • There is only self-hypnosis: all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A hypnotist is simply a guide who shows a subject how to utilize a power all people possess. If a person doesn't want to be hypnotized, they can in no way be forced.
I've heard that a person can be made to do or say anything while in hypnosis.
  • While In hypnosis a person becomes more relaxed; however, the conscious mind is always present, guarding against what is unacceptable to that person. Someone who is hypnotized for a stage show wishes to participate and therefore accepts silly suggestions.
Is it true that when a person is hypnotized they are "out of it" and don't remember anything?
  • During hypnosis a person is highly alert and aware, completely in control, and generally remembers everything.
It is said that a person cannot lie while in hypnosis.
  • A person in hypnosis has complete possession of all of their faculties and can think for themselves, thus, they can lie or tell the truth as they wish.

Can a person become "stuck" in hypnosis and may never wake up?

  • Hypnosis is a voluntary state, which a subject can terminate at any time that they desire, therefore, they never "wake up", because they are never "asleep".
People from my church think that hypnosis is the work of the devil and an evil against God.
  • Since hypnosis is not mind control, it is accepted by all religious groups and sects with the exception of Seventh Day Adventists and Christian Scientists. Some faiths practice self hypnosis as a part of their rituals (e.g. meditation) .