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Current Laws Affecting Hypnotherapists


The link below is a copy of Senate Bill 577 (SB557), which went into effect January 1, 2003 and is now a new law for California Hypnotherapists.

Therapists who are not licensed in the healing arts are required to have new clients read and sign a disclosure form. The client receives a copy and the therapist is required to keep the signed copy for three years. The disclosure must include a statement that the therapist is not a licensed physician, that the session is complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state, and that the therapist's services are not licensed by the state. Therapist must describe the theory upon which the services are based, the nature of the services, and therapist's education, training, and experience. Please see the enclosed sample disclosure, which you may use for your clients. Please add in your training and certifications or attach a separate form.

Those who are non-licensed must disclose in their advertising that they are not licensed by the state as a healing arts practitioner. We can address this issue in our literature by making the following statement:

"Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated profession and does not qualify for State licensing. The International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a professional organization, chartered by the State of California, to establish training standards, standards of professional practice, and a code of ethics. Although the state does not regulate curriculum or a required number of hours of training, the IACH certifies applicant's qualifications. Certification is awarded to those who have attended state licensed schools, and who pass the written, oral, and practical examination administered by the Qualifications Committee of the IACH, for membership as a Registered Hypnotherapist. Certification for Clinical Hypnotherapist requires a two years membership in the IACH and 25 hours of continuing education per year".

You MUST be certified by IACH as a Registered Hypnotherapist or Clinical Hypnotherapist and a paid member in good standing to have permission to use the above statement, the Client Information sheet, or your IACH certification number on your certificate in your advertising. If you are practicing hypnotherapy as an Associate Member, or have not yet become a member, please call Donna Kannard, Qualifications Chairperson at (714) 973-2131 to set up your certifications exam and receive the exam information. If you have not yet paid your 2002/2003 dues contact Laurie Miller at (949) 250-7355. We are here to assist you.

Laurie H. Miller, C.C.H.
President, South Coast Chapter
International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy

California Senate Bill SB577