Oral Test
The oral interview is designed to cover the basic topics that you would discuss with your client during your preinduction talk. You will be asked to answer at least three of the following questions:

      What is hypnosis, and why does it work?
      Can a person be controlled, or their beliefs changed while under hypnosis?
      What happens if a person doesn't wake-up from hypnosis, and what would you do?
      According to the psychology licensing laws, what are non-licensed professionals
          allowed to use hypnosis for* _____________?
      What is a abreaction, and how would you deal with it?
      As a non-licensed hypnotherapist, what issues require a medical referral?**

*Laws vary from state-to-state. Currently in California, according to the Psychology Licensing Law, "Business and Professional Code 2052, 2903, and 2908", if you are unlicensed you can not diagnose or treat any condition. You can ONLY assist clients in self-improvement, hobbies, vocation, enjoyment (avocation), self-esteem, etc. Check with your local laws and regulations.

**For Example; In California all clients need a physician's referral for pain alleviation, obesity, evidence of psychosis, or anyone already receiving care from a physician for the same thing that they come to see you for. Check with your local laws and Professional Codes.