Practical Demonstration
The Practical Demonstration is designed to evaluate your ability to execute a successful hypnotherapy session. This should include:

      Suggestibility Test:
         (most textbooks on hypnosis have detailed examples of these tests. Pick anyone you like).

      Hypnotic Induction:

      Suggestion for abreaction control: (Instant Sleep)
         (Example; "Anytime I say the word 'Sleep' and or touch you on the right shoulder as I am
         going to do now, you will immediately go into a deep sleep").

      Test for Depth: (example: Arm Drop)
         "In just a moment I am going to touch your arm to see how deep you are. When you feel
          your arm touch the arm of the chair again, you will go even deeper relaxed."
          (Gently lift arm a few inches and release).

      Deepening Technique:
         These are found in any textbook on hypnosis

         (Here a suggestion is given, that when a cue or stimuli occurs the client will not be able to do
         something. For example; "Unclench your fist", or "Open your eyes", or "Lower your arm", etc.
         This demonstration to the client, the ability of their unconcious mind to override their own
         conscious thoughts and intentions).

The practical demonstration should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Please do not leave any of these steps out, as you will be asked to return to demonstrate them. You may bring your own subject or we will provide you with one. We are here to assist you, so please come prepared and call if you have any questions.

Donna Kannard : Qualifications Chairperson (714) 973-2131
Laurie Miller : South Coast Chapter President (949) 250-7355