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Vrisayda Porshu Boggess, B.C.H.,Ph.D.(c)
16 Technology Drive Ste. #136
Irvine, CA 92618

Bus. Phone: (949) 727-4197
E-mail: vrisayda.porshu.boggess@worldnet.att.net

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certificate # 50-794335
Vrisayda Boggess  

Vrisayda is a clinical and medical Hypnotherapist, NLP and Time Line Master Practitioner, Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a candidate PhD as Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University. Specialties are weight reduction, smoking cessation, Fibromyalgia, stress, hypertension, phobias, success, sports, pre and post-op pain management, and more.

For more information, go to www.hypnodr.com